COO and Resident Technologist

Mr. Yackley has over 30 years of entrepreneurial, technical and business management experience, mostly focused on leading edge technologies and high tech companies.  His career began with 6 years in the United States Air Force working on telephone and data networking equipment and another 2 years working with a large Government Contractor on the early Internet. He started his first businesses integrating personal computers into other businesses in the 1980’s, built the largest internet-technology based network in the world in the 1990’s, and built and operated his own international long-distance VoIP telephone company (plus networks for other companies as Consultant) in the mid 2000’s.  Since then, he has designed, planned and built his own home as owner/builder and has helped several tech startups with their business plans and technology designs as independent consultant.


Kevin has founded many of his own businesses and performed virtually all business functions over his career.  He has held positions at the CEO, COO, CTO, CFO, and countless middle management levels and performed business management functions in virtually every company he has worked with.


He currently runs Yaxx’s Operations, which includes back-office systems, accounting and finance, payroll and all other business management functions in support of the Yaxx team and it’s customers and vendors.  In addition Kevin, is the Owner and Brew Master of Waco’s Oldest Brewery, Bare Arms Brewing. 

Kevin enjoys developing hardware and software technologies in his spare time when he’s not working for Yaxx or at the brewery.  He’s the consummate mad scientist always thinking up something new.