Founder and CEO

With a professional background that spans over 30 years in Telecom, Networking, IT, Cloud, HPC and AI, Jill King is a lifelong entrepreneur and technology visionary dedicated to commercializing technologies that power today’s businesses. Having worked in the seed, startup, and growth business lifecycle throughout her entire career, Jill has played an instrumental role in launching new industries such as:


  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) – The technology that allowed us to make phone calls over the internet.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) – The technology that uses a public network (e.g., the Internet) to connect to a private network (e.g., a company’s internal network), which has empowered employees to work from anywhere.


Formerly the VP of Marketing at Adaptive Computing, Jill was responsible for driving market awareness and demand for Adaptive’s open source and commercial Cloud, Big Data and HPC scheduling and optimization software products and services. Prior to Adaptive Computing, she held several senior management positions, including, CMO for Cierra (VoIP Carrier), VP of Marketing for Asita (VPN Hardware), Director of Marketing for CAIS (Internet Software) and Marcom roles for Nuera (VoIP Gateway) and others where her efforts significantly contributed to sizable revenue growth and capturing market share.


As a portfolio entrepreneur, Jill has launched several startups, raised substantial capital and has been on the leadership team during three acquisitions including the acquisition of CAIS by Cisco. Jill is a published author, and in addition to launching new industries such as VoIP and VPN, she has brought to market countless new products.


In her spare time, Jill enjoys hanging out with her husband and together they own Waco, Texas’ oldest Brewery, Bare Arms Brewing.